Systainer³ connecting the workshop and construction site

With customised vehicle integration for easy and safe transport

Your day-to-day work requires you to be on your feet a lot – and to use your hands even more. What would it be like if a system existed that could make organising your everyday work significantly easier?

The new Systainer³ generation ensures that everything – at the workshop, during vehicle transport and on the construction site – is perfectly protected and in its proper place.

A system for any eventuality

The Systainer system – unfailingly compatible.

All Systainer generations can be combined with one another and can also be combined with mobile dust extractors and many other system accessories, such as the mobile workshop.

  • Systematic order – the organiser

    Thanks to the transparent lid, you can find the right accessories at a glance. Organisers can also be combined with a number of other system accessories.

  • Variable separation

    Small parts can be sorted individually thanks to plastic containers in seven different sizes.
    Space for labelling makes it even easier to clearly organise items.

  • Roll board with high load capacity

    The roll board can be used to transport Systainers and other loads weighing up to 100 kg – with minimal exertion.
    The Systainer securing system prevents them from sliding or tipping during transport.

  • Sortainer

    The drawers can be divided to suit individual needs, making it easy to sort small parts.

  • SYS-Roll

    Systainers can be transported easily using the SYS roller – in workshops, on construction sites or for loading into vehicles.

  • Mobile workshop

    Systainers can be arranged individually in the mobile workshop and therefore easily transported. For ideal working conditions, even on construction sites, with stable working and storage areas.

  • Versatile and precise – the SYS MFT

    Workpieces of any size and shape can be securely attached to the MDF perforated top and machined with precision.

  • Live and on the go with the SYS-PowerHub

    The SYS-PowerHub can supply power to up to four power tools simultaneously. It is also ideal for transport using the roll board, SYS roller or mobile workshop.

Systainer³ – product overview

Festool will convert all products to Systainer³ in a gradual process, starting in 2020.

Select product type
Optimally packed – the Systainer³ for simple, safe transport of machines and accessories.
Systainer³ M
The Systainer in standard format with proven base area
Systainer³ L
The Systainer with a broader base area for even more space
For a better view – the organiser with plastic containers for sorting small parts.
Organizer M
The organiser in standard format with proven base area
Organizer L
The organiser with a broader base area for even more space


Answers to frequently asked questions.

Is the Systainer³ M the same size as the SYS T-LOC?

The Systainer³ M and SYS T-LOC have the same base area, but the heights are different.

Is the Systainer³ compatible with old pull-out drawers?

Yes, the Systainer³ is compatible with old pull-out drawers. It is compatible with all other accessories, too.

Why do some Systainer³ units have a front carrying handle while some only have a pull-out aid?

Both the front carrying handle and the pull-out aid make it easy to remove the Systainer³ from a shelf system. The front carrying handle additionally allows for ergonomic carrying close to the body – however, this only applies to the smaller Systainers with a greater depth than height. It is best to carry the taller Systainers using the lid handle, which is why these are fitted with a pull-out aid.

Is there a table with an overview of all new designations, sizes and heights?

Designation SYSTAINER T-LOC Systainer³ Difference
Old New Height with stand in mm
SYS 1 TL SYS3 M 112 112 112 -
- SYS3 M/L 137 - 137 New
SYS 2 TL SYS3 M/L 187 164,5 187 + 22,5
SYS 3 TL SYS3 M/L 237 217 237 + 20
SYS 4 TL SYS3 M 337 322 337 + 15
SYS 5 TL SYS3 M 437 427 437 + 10

Will my old Systainers still fit with the new ones?

Yes – all Systainers are compatible, even across generations. Classic Systainers can also be combined with Systainer³ products as normal.

Are Systainer³ products made in Germany?

Yes, the Systainers are produced in Germany.

When will each machine be available in the new Systainer?

The current conversion plan is as follows:

January 2020: TS 55, ETS EC 150, ETS EC 125