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Order number 574911

Cordless construction screwdriver DWC 18-2500 Li 3,1-Compact DURADRIVE

DWC 18-2500 Li-Basic DWC 18-2500 Li 3,1-Compact DWC 18-2500 Li 5,2-Plus

Set versions

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Power and durability for interior work.

Works at extremely high cycle speeds and sets a new rhythm for dry mortarless construction. One important factor in this is the innovative stop-and-go function, which ensures the motor is only working when it is needed. The result: An increase of up to 40% in the number of screws that are inserted per battery charge, improved comfort and higher speeds for driving in multiple sets of screws. For speed that can also be increased with the magazine attachment, making the DWC 18, with its compact design and a weight of just 1.9 kg, the gold standard in the drywall construction sector.

  • Precision, wear-free electronic switch-off function for accurate insertion depths and a long service life
  • Energy-saving function for machine start/stop without actuating the main switch
  • Robust, brushless EC motor for maximum efficiency and durability
  • Rapid change to magazine attachment without using tools
  • Lithium ion battery for a greater fastening capacity per battery charge

Product highlights

  • Achieve ideal results more quickly:

    With magazine attachment for taped screws or depth stop for individual screws and strong torque as the specialist for securing gypsum fibre and wooden boards in timber construction/interior finishing.

  • Convenient and safe:

    Extremely low weight is the optimum prerequisite for constant yet effortless work – even overhead.

  • Innovative down to the finest detail:

    Working comfort guaranteed: The automatic start/stop switches on and off automatically without having to actuate a switch.

Product details

  • Lightweight

    The compact version is even easier to handle: With the 400 g 3.1 Ah compact battery pack. Ideal for overhead screwdriving and drilling.

  • Free hand

    With the magazine attachment, you have one hand completely free to push plasterboard into position or work on ceilings, for example.

  • Simply faster

    Magazine attachment for all conventionally belted screws (25 – 55 mm).

  • Matter of cleanliness

    Inserting screws into plasterboard always creates dust. This is not a problem because the magazine can be dismantled in seconds without tools and cleaned quickly and easily.

  • Precision working

    The depth stop can be attached without tools and adjusted in increments of 0.1 mm. This ensures that the screws are secure at consistent insertion depths. This eliminates the need for time-consuming reworking from the very beginning.

  • Fits perfectly in your hand

    DuraDrive has a short installation length, a balanced centre of gravity and provides effortless power transfer to the screw axis when working. When not in use, you can hang this ergonomic tool on the practical belt clip.

  • Make a show of power, not amp-hours

    The new Festool Li-ion 5.2 Ah battery pack with AIRSTREAM. The new AIRSTREAM technology guarantees faster re-use of battery packs and thus guarantees interruption-free work – even for energy-intensive applications such as sawing. This is because the new battery packs have an integrated cooling duct, thanks to which the cooling time and, as a result, the entire charging process can be reduced by up to 65% in combination with the new SCA 8 rapid charger. Furthermore, they are extremely robust with an integrated rubber frame to protect the workpiece and the battery pack and, thanks to the charge indicator, you can always clearly see how much charge is left in the battery.

  • Maximum number of screws inserted

    The EC-TEC motor represents a high level of efficiency and almost unlimited service life. In conjunction with the AIRSTREAM Li-ion battery packs, an increase of up to 40% in the number of screws that are inserted per battery charge is possible.

  • Automatic start/stop

    The motor only runs when screws are inserted – and in AUTO mode, the user does not even have to press the main switch. This increases the number of screws inserted per battery charge.

  • The new TCL 6 rapid charger

    The new TCL 6 rapid charger with charge indicator charges quickly and preserves the battery. In addition to its compact design, it impresses users with its practical cord holder and the option to easily mount it on a wall. Furthermore, it is extremely robust thanks to fully encapsulated electronics.

Main applications

  • The cordless specialist for drywalling with plasterboards, chipboards or OSB panels
  • Optimal torque for intensive drywalling (up to screw diameter of 5 mm)
  • Fastening plasterboards and wooden boards to metal and wooden substructures

Performance features

  • Lithium-ion battery

    Fitted with high-performance lithium ion battery pack.

  • EC-TEC motor

    The EC-TEC drive concept generates an extraordinary amount of power while consuming extremely low amounts of energy.

  • Electronic

    Speed control for adjusting to all types of materials.

  • Forward/reverse rotation

    For screwing and unscrewing screws.

  • Electronic monitoring of the winding temperature

    Electronic monitoring of the coil temperature protects against damage to the motor.

  • Start/Stop

    AUTO mode, also without having to press the main switch.

Technical data

Max. machinable screw length
55,00 mm
Battery voltage
18 V
Max. torque, wood/steel
7/18 Nm
Li-ion battery capacity
3,10 Ah
Idle engine speed
0 - 2 500 min⁻¹
Tool holder
Weight with depth stop
1,60 kg
Weight with magazine attachment
2,00 kg

Noise and vibration values

Fastening: Uncertainty (noise) K
3,00 dB
Fastening: Uncertainty (vibration) K
1,50 dB(A)
Fastening: A-weighted sound pressure level, LpA
78,00 dB(A)
Fastening: Total vibration average, Ah
2,80 m/s²
Fastening: A-weighted sound power level, LWA
89,00 dB(A)

Items included DWC 18-2500 Li 3,1-Compact


Cordless construction screwdriver

  • Accessories
    Battery pack

    BP 18 Li 3,1 C

  • Accessories
    Rapid charger

    TCL 6

  • Accessories
    Magazine attachment

    AF 55-DWC

  • Accessories
    Bit holder


Brochures and operating instructions


  • Charger TCL 3

    Order number: 499335

  • Bit holder BH-DWC

    for DWC, DWP

    Order number: 769125

  • Magazine attachment AF 55-DWC

    for DWC, DWP

    Order number: 769146

  • Rapid charger TCL 6

    for all Li-ion battery packs (except for CXS/TXS)

    Order number: 201135

  • Rapid charger SCA 8

    for all Li-ion battery packs (except for CXS/TXS)

    Order number: 200178

  • Battery pack BP 18 Li 5,2 AS

    Order number: 200181

  • Battery pack BP 18 Li 6,2 AS

    Order number: 201774

  • Battery pack BP 18 Li 3,1 C

    Order number: 201789

  • Bit holder BH-DWC

    for DWC, DWP

    Order number: 769125

  • PH bit PH2-AF-55 3x

    AF 55-DWP/DWC

    Order number: 769124

  • PZ bit PZ 2-AF-55 3x

    AF 55-DWP/DWC

    Order number: 769078

  • TX bit TX 20-AF-55/3

    AF 55-DWP/DWC

    Order number: 201463

  • Drywall screws DWS C FT 3,9x25 1000x

    AF 55-DWP/DWC

    Order number: 769142

  • Drywall screws DWS C FT 3,9x35 1000x

    AF 55-DWP/DWC

    Order number: 769143

  • Drywall screws DWS C CT 3,9x35 1000x

    AF 55-DWP/DWC

    Order number: 769144

  • Drywall screws DWS C CT 3,9x45 1000x

    AF 55-DWP/DWC

    Order number: 769145

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