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Order number 575351

Oscillator OS 400 E-Plus

OS 400 E-Plus OS 400 E-Set

Set versions

Items included

  • universal saw blade USB 78/32/Bi

8534.21 ZAR RRP exc. VAT

9729.00 ZAR RRP inc. VAT

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Items included OS 400 E-Plus

  • universal saw blade USB 78/32/Bi

Equipped with a decisive additional feature: accuracy.

Accurate cut-outs on the scribe mark with the positioning aid, clean cuts with depth stop adjusted without using tools or flush cuts up to the wall with the sliding shoe fitted without using tools: The VECTURO always produces high-precision results, even when operating in tight spaces. Regardless of whether it is used in wood, metal, composite materials or silicone. Can be used flexibly with the FastFix interface for quick saw blade changes and adapter for attaching accessory parts without using tools. Everything is clearly organised and stored safely in a SYSTAINER for applications away from the workshop.

  • Powerful 400 watt motor with electronic speed control for consistently fast working progress
  • Ergonomic: The slimline housing with rubber-coated handle fits perfectly in your hand
  • Depth stop for greater accuracy and for precise sawing on the scribe mark – ideal for cut-outs in delicate surfaces
  • Flexible use, short set-up times: Blades and accessories are replaced without the need to use any tools
  • Organisation for every occasion: saw blades, scrapers and accessory parts can be stored tidily in the SYSTAINER, right at your fingertips
  • Perfect in a system: universal bi-metal saw blades, special saw blades for GRP materials and non-ferrous metals, scrapers for removing adhesive and silicone

  • Achieve ideal results more quickly:

    400 watts and electronic speed control ensure fast working progress when cutting through wood and metal.

  • Convenient and safe:

    Built for ergonomic manual operation for the perfect grip. Precise sawing on the scribe mark thanks to the depth stop and positioning aid.

  • Systems get it done:

    Flexible to use, with short set-up times: Ready to use immediately thanks to the plug-it cable. Blades and accessories can be changed without the need to use any tools.

Product details

  • Exact depth stop with sliding shoe and circular saw blade.

    Easy adjustment without using tools for an accurate plunge depth and protection of both saw blade and material.

  • Accurate sawing along the scribe mark with the positioning aid.

    Ideal for cut-outs in delicate surfaces. Fitted quickly and without using tools thanks to FastFix. The positioning aid and the actual saw blade of the VECTURO can be tilted from +90° to -90° in 30° increments.

  • Ergonomic.

    The slimline housing with rubber-coated handle fits well in your hand. The switches are also easy to reach.

  • Extremely versatile.

    Saw blades for wood or metal, universal bi-metal saw blades, special saw blades for windows, putty and plastics, scrapers for adhesive residues and silicone.

  • Flexible operation, short set-up times.

    With the VECTURO, blades and accessories can be replaced easily without the need to use any tools.

  • The perfect system.

    Saw blades, scrapers and accessory parts are sorted tidily in the SYSTAINER.

  • Powerful in use.

    400-watt motor with electronic speed control for a consistent work progress speed.

Main applications

  • Notches, cutouts and plunge cuts in plasterboard, wood, composite materials, coated materials, also in awkward spots
  • Removal of window glass, silicone, adhesive, bonding materials and window putty
  • Cutting all kinds of skirting board, beams and profiles to length as well as door frames and pipes
  • Sawing GRP and non-ferrous metals

Performance features

  • Electronic

    Speed control for adjusting to all types of materials.

  • FastFix

    Makes changing routing, sawing, planing, sanding, drilling and screwdriving tools easier.

Technical data

Power consumption
400 W
1.6 kg
Power output
220 W
11 000 - 18 500 min⁻¹
2 °
Cable length
5 m

Items included OS 400 E-Plus




Brochures and operating instructions


  • Depth stop set

    OS-TA Set

    Order number: 500160

  • Positioning aid set

    OS-AH Set

    Order number: 500161

  • Positioning aid/depth stop set

    OS-TA/AH Set

    Order number: 500251

  • Special saw blade

    SSB 100/HCS

    Order number: 500136

  • Special saw blade

    SSB 32

    Order number: 500137

  • Scraper

    SSP 56,5/1

    Order number: 500138

  • Wood saw blade

    HSB 100/HCS

    Order number: 500139

  • Metal saw blade

    MSB 50/35/Bi 5x

    Order number: 500140

  • Wood saw blade

    HSB 50/35/J 5x

    Order number: 500142

  • Universal saw blade

    USB 78/32/Bi 5x

    Order number: 500143

  • Universal saw blade

    USB 50/35/Bi 5x

    Order number: 500144

  • Wood saw blade

    HSB 50/65/J 5x

    Order number: 500145

  • Wood saw blade

    HSB 50/45/J 5x

    Order number: 500146

  • Universal saw blade

    USB 78/42/Bi 5x

    Order number: 500147

  • Wood saw blade

    HSB 50/55/J 5x

    Order number: 500148

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