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Order number 201102

Abrasive pad 115x140x5 MF 1500 GR/20 Granat

115x140x5 MD 280 GR/20 115x140x5 EF 500 GR/20 115x140x5 SF 800 GR/20 115x140x5 UF 1000 GR/20 115x140x5 MF 1500 GR/20

Set versions

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Whether you need to work in hard-to-reach places or perform small correction tasks, GRANAT premium abrasive now enables you to work quickly and efficiently, even when sanding by hand. This is because it is just as strong and durable as the GRANAT machine abrasives that you are used to. It also features all of the adaptability and versatility that you could wish for from a manual abrasive. Together with our abrasive sanding cloths, you can now be ideally equipped for any hand sanding task. Discover these new products for yourself.

  • for fine and intermediate sanding of profiles and mould surfaces

Product details

  • Flexible and shaping

    With its flexible foam backing material, the abrasive sponge is ideal for fine and intermediate shaping sanding on contours, curves and edges.

  • Consistent surface quality guaranteed

    The foam backing material distributes pressure evenly, which prevents folds and creases forming, therefore ensuring perfect results and preventing damage.

  • Different grits for the perfect sanding process

    The Festool GRANAT single-sided abrasive sponge (abrasive pad) is offered in five grit sizes from 280 to 1500 for perfect results: Medium 280 (MD), Extrafine 500 (EF), Superfine 800 (SF), Ultrafine 1000 (UF) and Microfine 1500 (MF).

Main applications

  • Suitable for paints, clear coats, VOC coats, fillers, wood
  • Ideal for fine sanding and matting of clear coats
  • For working profiled or moulded surfaces
  • Suitable for wet and dry sanding
  • One-sided, flexible abrasive sponge
  • Dimensions: 115 x 140 x 5 mm

Technical data

Qty. in pack
20,00 Pieces

Items included 115x140x5 MF 1500 GR/20


Abrasive pad

in carton

Additional versions

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    Granat sanding block manual abrasive, 69 x 98 x 26 mm, "Combiblock"

    69x98x26 120 CO GR/6
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    Hand abrasive Granat abrasive sponge 98 x 120 x 13 mm

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    Hand abrasive Vlies abrasive roll 115 mm x 10 m

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    Hand abrasive Vlies 115 x 152 mm

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    Hand sanding block without dust extraction

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    Hand sanding block with dust extraction

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    Hand-sanding block Pocket StickFix

    STF 46x178/0 P40 BR2/10 STF 46x178/0 P80 BR2/10 STF 46x178/0 P120 BR2/10 STF 46x178/0 P180 BR2/10 STF 46X178 P40 GR/10 STF 46X178 P80 GR/10 STF 46X178 P120 GR/10 STF 46X178 P180 GR/10
  • Sanding and brushing
    Manual abrasive Granat Soft abrasive roll (pre-perforated) 115 mm x 25 m

    115x25m P120 GR SOFT 115x25m P150 GR SOFT 115x25m P180 GR SOFT 115x25m P240 GR SOFT 115x25m P320 GR SOFT 115x25m P400 GR SOFT 115x25m P500 GR SOFT 115x25m P600 GR SOFT 115x25m P800 GR SOFT
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    Self-adhesive sanding discs

    SK D32-36/0 P2000 GR/500 SK D32-36/0 P2500 GR/500 SK D32-36/0 P3000 GR/500 RH-SK D32-36