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Order number 201379

Cordless pendulum jigsaw PSBC 420 Li EB-Basic CARVEX

PSBC 420 Li EB-Basic

Set versions

Items included

  • 2x saw blade
  • splinterguard
  • without battery pack
  • without charger

6695,65 RRP exc. VAT

7700,00 RRP inc. VAT

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Items included PSBC 420 Li EB-Basic

  • 2x saw blade
  • splinterguard
  • without battery pack
  • without charger

The cordless D-handle version of the CARVEX – performance similar to a mains-powered tool.

With these two, even tight curves feel like straight lines. With 3800 strokes per minute, the high-performance, energy-efficient EC-TEC motor gives you powerful, fast sawing progress every time. Always guaranteed: Utmost precision thanks to the specially developed hammer guide and the guide jaws featuring parallel adjustment. They act as a third guide to keep the saw blade on track with no compromises. And the fact that top performance does not merely relate to sawing results is also shown by the ergonomic design of our cordless pendulum jigsaws, which enables you to work tirelessly for sustained periods.

  • Excellent behaviour in curves thanks to threefold saw blade guide and rigid lifter rod
  • Simple handling thanks to the softgrip and ergonomic design
  • Electronic switch-on/off on both sides, reachable in every grip position
  • Fast, tool-free changing of tables, baseplates and saw blades
  • Easily visible scribe mark through stroboscope light and powerful extraction
  • Powerful cutting stroke for rapid working progress
  • Low weight to save energy: 2.4 kg

Product highlights

  • Achieve ideal results more quickly:

    Works as if it had a cable even though it has none. With strong traction and triple saw blade guide for excellent curve handling.

  • Convenient and safe:

    SoftGrip prevents slipping and the splinter guard minimises laborious reworking.

  • Systems get it done:

    One for all – the 5.2 Ah lithium-ion battery packs in the PSC 420 and PSCB 420 can be used in all cordless devices in the same class. And vice versa.

Product details

  • Optimum handling and operation

    With a weight of only 2.4 kg, slim, ergonomic design, non-slip soft-grip coating and on/off switches mounted on both sides (also centrally on stirrup handle version) for right-handed and left-handed operation.

  • The shape makes the difference

    You have the choice: Guide the CARVEX PSC 420 directly to the ergonomic soft-grip barrel grip, while the CARVEX PSBC 420 has a handy top handle. You decide based on your preferences – it makes no difference to the power, comfort or ergonomics of the tool.

  • Perfect combination of power and flexibility

    What do you get when you cross powerful torque with effortless handling around bends and corners? Pure enthusiasm for the CARVEX. Also with innovative battery technology that provides even greater flexibility. It matches the high cutting performance achieved with cabled versions, is long-lasting and measurably better than other cordless saws.

  • Powerful

    3800 strokes per minute generate outstanding power – assisted by an EC-TEC motor with energy efficiency that guarantees lasting power even for the cordless versions.

  • More power, fewer energy requirements

    The brushless EC-TEC motor and the newly developed gearbox concept transfer more than 80% of the power generated to the saw blade. For rapid sawing progress in any material.

  • Precision cutting along the scribe mark

    The stroboscopic light brings the saw blade to a visible stop, while dust extraction and the blowing function of the CARVEX keep the view of the scribe mark free.

  • Perfectly straight, accurate cuts

    The lifting rod guide and parallel adjustable carbide jaws act as a third saw blade guide to ensure straight precision cuts.

  • Accurate circular cut-outs

    Even the smallest circles (radii of 34 mm to 1.5 m) are easy to manufacture with the core maker and compatible jigsaw blade, e.g. the S 75/4 FSG.

  • Guaranteed precision

    Mitre cuts and undercuts of 0 to 45° are made with the quick-change angle table.

  • Changing saw blades without using tools

    Adapting to the working material is worth it because the results are more accurate and the saw blades last much longer. The Festool system is therefore designed to reduce set-up times, e.g. with single-handed saw blade changing.

  • Sophisticated design right down to the smallest detail

    The lowerable dust-extraction attachment for the CARVEX PS 420 jigsaws improves suction power and therefore your view as you cut.

  • Make a show of power, not amp-hours

    The new Festool Li-ion 5.2 Ah battery pack with AIRSTREAM. The new AIRSTREAM technology guarantees faster re-use of battery packs and thus guarantees interruption-free work – even for energy-intensive applications such as sawing. This is because the new battery packs have an integrated cooling duct, thanks to which the cooling time and, as a result, the entire charging process can be reduced by up to 65% in combination with the new SCA 8 rapid charger. Furthermore, they are extremely robust with an integrated rubber frame to protect the workpiece and the battery pack and, thanks to the charge indicator, you can always clearly see how much charge is left in the battery.

  • The new TCL 6 and SCA 8 rapid chargers with AIRSTREAM technology

    The new TCL 6 and SCA 8 rapid chargers with charge indicator charge quickly and preserve the battery. In addition to their compact design, the chargers are also impressive due to their practical cord holder and simple wall mounting option. They are also extremely robust thanks to the fully encapsulated electronics. The SCA 8 rapid charger (which is included in the scope of delivery for the Plus SCA and Set versions) also features AIRSTREAM technology, which uses targeted cooling of the battery pack to reduce the charging process by up to 65%. An LED indicator on the device informs you of the remaining charge time in minutes and of the charging status.

Main applications

  • Cut-outs for sinks and kitchen hobs
  • Trimming work on furniture, kitchens, for interior fitting
  • Cutting circles and curves
  • Coping end strips
  • Cutting workpieces to length
  • Edge notching on beams
  • Cutting from below

Performance features

  • Antistatic function

    Mobile dust extractors and tools with the antistatic function to prevent static charge from accumulating when working.

  • MMC digital electronics

    Processor controlled “Multi Material Control” power electronics provide adjustable and constant speeds as well as temperature monitoring for work on all types of material.

  • Jigsaw with precision guidance

    Long-wearing carbide jaws guide the saw blade directly over the cutting location. For precise work results.

  • Splinter guard

    Patented splinterguard for splinter-free cuts on both sides when sawing.

  • FastFix

    Makes changing routing, sawing, planing, sanding, drilling and screwdriving tools easier.

  • Guide system

    Patented guide system for safe guidance of saws and router bits.


    Integrated bayonet fitting as the connecting element between the extractor and the tool.

  • EC-TEC motor

    The EC-TEC drive concept generates an extraordinary amount of power while consuming extremely low amounts of energy.

Technical data

Battery voltage
18 V
Stroke rate
1 000 - 3 800 min⁻¹
Pendulum cover adjustment in stages
Cutting depth in wood
120,00 mm
Cutting depth in NF metals
20,00 mm
Cutting depth in steel (soft)
10,00 mm
Li-ion battery capacity
5,20 Ah
Weight with Li-ion
2,40 kg

Noise and vibration values

Sawing chipboard: Uncertainty (vibration) K
2,00 m/s²
Sawing chipboard: A-weighted sound power level, LWA
99,00 dB(A)
A-weighted sound pressure level, LpA
88,00 dB(A)
Sawing chipboard: Total vibration average, Ah
10,00 m/s²
Sawing chipboard: Uncertainty (noise) K
3,00 dB

Items included PSBC 420 Li EB-Basic


Cordless pendulum jigsaw


Brochures and operating instructions


  • Angle table WT-PS 420

    for PS(C) 400/420, PSB(C) 400/420

    Order number: 496134

  • Base runner LAS-PS 420

    for PS(C) 400/420, PSB(C) 400/420

    Order number: 497297

  • Base runner LAS-Soft-PS 420

    for PS(C) 400/420, PSB(C) 400/420

    Order number: 497298

  • Base runner LAS-HGW-PS 420

    for PS(C) 400/420, PSB(C) 400/420

    Order number: 497299

  • Base runner LAS-St-PS 420

    for PS(C) 400/420, PSB(C) 400/420

    Order number: 497300

  • Base runner LAS-STF-PS 420

    for PS(C) 400/420, PSB(C) 400/420

    Order number: 497301

  • base adapter ADT-PS 420

    for PS(C) 400/420, PSB(C) 400/420

    Order number: 497303

  • Core maker KS-PS 420

    for PS(C) 400/420, PSB(C) 400/420

    Order number: 497304

  • Core maker KS-PS 420 Set

    for PS(C) 400/420, PSB(C) 400/420

    Order number: 497443

  • Accessories SYSTAINER ZH-SYS-PS 420

    for PS(C) 400/420, PSB(C) 400/420

    Order number: 497709

  • Charger TCL 3

    Order number: 499335

  • Rapid charger TCL 6

    for all Li-ion battery packs (except for CXS/TXS)

    Order number: 201135

  • Splinter guard SP-PS/PSB 300/5

    for PS 300, PSB 300, PS(C) 400/420, PSB(C) 400/420

    Order number: 490120

  • Splinter guard SP-PS/PSB 300/20

    for PS 300, PSB 300, PS(C) 400/420, PSB(C) 400/420

    Order number: 490121

  • Spare felt EF-LAS-STF-PS 420

    for PS(C) 400/420, PSB(C) 400/420

    Order number: 497444

Additional versions

  • Sawing
    Pendulum jigsaw CARVEX PSB 420

    PSB 420 EBQ-Plus PSB 420 EBQ-Set
  • Sawing
    Cordless pendulum jigsaw CARVEX PSC 420 Li 18

    PSC 420 Li EB-Basic
  • Sawing
    Cordless jigsaw CARVEX PSBC 420 Li 18

    PSBC 420 Li EB-Basic
  • Sawing
    Pendulum jigsaw TRION PS 300

    PS 300 EQ-Plus
  • Sawing
    Pendulum jigsaw TRION PSB 300

    PSB 300 EQ-Plus
  1. Recommended retail price of manufacturer. Prices of retailers may vary.