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Order number 561755

Circular saw HK 132/RS-HK

HK 132 E HK 132/NS-HK HK 132/RS-HK

Set versions

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3-in-1. Saw, notch cutter, flattening planer.

The HK 132 is a diverse all-round tool. It impresses as a first-class hand-held saw with a cutting depth of 132 mm, as well as first class notch cutter or reliable hand-held planer. In conjunction with the conversion set, the change from one function to another is effected in a flash. Together with the special sandwich saw blade it is also suitable as a construction site saw for sawing sandwich panels.

  • Precise guidance via large base-plate
  • Trouble-free retraction control of the movable guard, particularly of benefit for mitre cutting
  • Optimum amount of force/control from the operator via rear pistol grip which is in the cutting plane
  • Accurate, fixed adjustment for mitre-cutting up to 60°
  • Drive spindle with triple bearings for high stability and long life
  • Electronic convenience: Soft start, constant speed, overload protection and coil temperature monitoring
  • Stable and exact guidance by means of the guide system: parallel fence, guide plate extension, parellel fence for guide rail

Product highlights

  • Achieve ideal results more quickly:

    Precise even at greater cutting depths of up to 132 mm. Saves time when producing mitre cuts in combination with the guide rail.

  • Convenient and safe:

    Problem-free sawing, even in the case of mitre cuts, thanks to remote control of the suspended cover, which is actuated directly from the additional hand grip.

  • Systems get it done:

    Can be converted in no time at all from the circular saw to the planer and milling machine. In short: Three carpentry machines in one.

Product details

  • Three in one

    A unique range: On the one hand, a portable circular saw with 132 mm cutting depth. Replace the saw blade for a notch cutter and the HK 132 E becomes a reliable milling machine. Retrofitting to the planer is also easy.

  • Saw blade off, notch cutter on

    The HK 132 E portable circular saw can be turned into a reliable milling machine with little effort using the milling set.

  • The conversion to the planer can also be easily carried out using the HK 132

    Saw blade off, planing head on; the machine is ready to prepare tenons on entire tiers of beams or for planing out flat cuts.

  • The portable circular saw with a cutting depth of 132 mm

    The high-performance 2300 W motor guarantees a high cutting speed and fast working progress. In doing so, the saw can be swivelled continuously by up to 60° for extreme mitre cuts.

  • Pendulum hood remote control

    For safe work: The pendulum hood remote control is actuated from a safe distance from the additional hand grip.

  • Parallel side fence

    The parallel side fence can either be clamped by the saw table on the left or the right. It is required for using the HK 132 on the guide rail. In the case of rip cuts, the parallel side fence is used as a guide along the required edge. And the parallel side fence widens the saw table to meet requirements – for improved support for the machine.

Main applications

  • Milling machine conversion set: Creating notches with maximum cutting depth of 38 mm
  • Chop, mitre, rip and jack-rafter cuts in wood and insulating materials up to 132 mm material thickness

Performance features

  • GC guide system

    Guide system for safely guiding sawing tools.

  • Electronic

    Speed control for adjusting to all types of materials.

  • Starting current limiter

    Simple start for household fuses.

  • Electronic overload protection

    Protects the motor with blocking tool.

  • Electronic monitoring of the winding temperature

    Electronic monitoring of the coil temperature protects against damage to the motor.

Technical data

Idle engine speed
2 200 min⁻¹
Power consumption
2 300 W
18,00 kg
Mitre cuts
0 - 60 °
Cutting depth 0°, 90°
50 - 132 mm
Cutting depth at 45°/60°
85/50 mm
Max. routing width
80,00 mm
Max. routing depth
0 - 38 mm

Noise and vibration values

Sawing wood: Total vibration average, Ah
3,10 m/s²
Sawing wood: Uncertainty (noise) K
3,00 dB
Sawing wood: Uncertainty (vibration) K
1,50 m/s²
Sawing wood: A-weighted sound pressure level, LpA
102,00 dB(A)
Sawing wood: A-weighted sound power level, LWA
113,00 dB(A)

Items included HK 132/RS-HK


Circular saw

in carton
  • Accessories
    Standard saw blade

    350x3,5x30 W24

  • Accessories
    Parallel side fence

    PG-HK 132

  • Accessories
    Milling set

    RS-HK 160x80

Brochures and operating instructions


  • Planing set NS-HK 250x50

    for HK 132, CSP 132

    Order number: 769539

  • Guide rail GC 3000

    for HK 132, CSP 85/60, CSP 132, CSP 165, CCP 380, NRP 90

    Order number: 769670

  • Guide rail GC 2000

    for HK 132, CSP 85/60, CSP 132, CSP 165, CCP 380, NRP 90

    Order number: 769669

  • Angle stop GC 1000-WA

    for HK 132, CSP 85/60, CSP 132, CSP 165, CCP 380, NRP 90

    Order number: 769671

  • Parallel side fence PG-HK 132

    for HK 132, CSP 132

    Order number: 769538

  • Pre-cutter CT-HK HW 14x14x2/6

    for planer and notch cutter head

    Order number: 769542

  • Reversible cutter blade CT-HK HW 80x13x2,2/3

    for notch cutter head RS-HK 160 x 80, RS-CSP 160 x 80, HK 132, CSP 132 E

    Order number: 769543

  • Reversible cutter blade CT-HK HW 50x12x1,5/3

    for planer head NS-HK 250 x 50 and flattening head Ø 260 x 50, NS-CSP 250 x 50, HK 132, NRP 90

    Order number: 769544

  • Standard saw blade 350x3,5x30 W24

    for HK 132, CSP 132

    Order number: 769667

  • Flat tooth saw blade 350x2,9x30 TF60

    for HK 132, CSP 132

    Order number: 769668

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