Warranty all-inclusive FAQ

Questions and answers about warranty all-inclusive

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    Warranty all-inclusive

    What is warranty all-inclusive?
    With the wide range of services that are part of our warranty all-inclusive, your new Festool tool is fully covered during the first three years, allowing you to concentrate on what really matters: Your work. To benefit from this service, you must register your tool free of charge within the first 30 days of purchase.

    How can I register my tool for warranty all-inclusive?
    You can easily register your tool online within the first 30 days of purchase or ask your dealer to register it for you.

    Do I have to pay for warranty all-inclusive? 
    No, warranty all-inclusive is included in the purchase price of your tool and is therefore free of charge for you. The only requirement: You must register your tool for warranty all-inclusive within 30 days of purchase.

    Will I receive confirmation after registering for warranty all-inclusive?
    Yes, we will send you a warranty certificate after registering. If you have registered the tool yourself, you will receive the certificate via e-mail. If your dealer registered the tool for you, you will either receive the certificate via e-mail (if your e-mail address is saved in our customer database) or by post. Please keep this certificate in a safe place so that you can show it on request for any guarantee cases.

    Does warranty all-inclusive apply to all Festool products?
    Warranty all-inclusive applies to all Festool tools and other selected products. If there is a warranty all-inclusive card enclosed in the Systainer or box of your new product, you can register the device for warranty all-inclusive. You can also find out whether registration is possible by reading the product function descriptions on our website.

    Professional repair, free of charge.

    Will I be given a quotation for a repair?
    Thanks to warranty all-inclusive, quotations and invoices for repairs are a thing of the past within the first three years of ownership. The only requirement: You must register your tool for warranty all-inclusive within 30 days of purchase. After your warranty expires, you can request a quotation for every repair.

    Are there exceptions, to which the service does not apply?
    Yes. These are exceptions that you can surely understand – for example, if the tool is destroyed deliberately or used continuously in industrial applications. Please refer to our Warranty Terms and Conditions for all exceptions.

    What am I entitled to if I have not registered my tool for warranty all-inclusive?
    As a commercial user, you are entitled to a 12-month statutory warranty, and as a private user you are entitled to a 24-month statutory warranty. This applies to material and manufacturing faults, which existed already at the time of delivery of our product. Please note that wear is excluded from the statutory warranty. Therefore, you should always register your tool for warranty all-inclusive. Registration is free of charge!